About 3Fs Personal Training

Gav O'Brien - My Story

At 52, I'm an older personal trainer and have lived in Brighton and Hove for the last four years. My passion for a career in all things fitness and nutrition arrived relatively late in my life, although I’ve been exercising my whole adult life.

I’ve established myself in Brighton and Hove with a diverse client base who enjoy the convenience of being trained in their home or office, outdoors in one of the many beautiful parks and gardens in Brighton and Hove and even by the beach.

In addition to personal training, I am also the co-founder of the Young At Heart Keep Fit Club with another personal trainer Ty Paul. Our weekly fitness classes are designed for people aged 60 and above to improve flexibility, balance and strength, with classes in Hove, Portslade and Lancing.

Gav O'Brien - Qualifications

I studied for my Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training at YMCAfit in London, one of the UK’s leading personal trainer educational providers. In addition to this, I have studied for a further qualification with YMCAfit; Exercise for Older Adults, a specialism that I’m developing as an over 60s personal trainer within 3Fs Personal Training on an individual basis with my clients across Brighton and Hove. And through the Young At Heart Keep Fit Club, group fitness classes for people aged 60 and above held in Hove, Portslade and Lancing.

As part of my duty of care and safeguarding to my clients, I am also a trained first aider, hold public liability insurance cover of £10 million, and have a current CRB check available for inspection.

Andrew Ovenden - My Story

I'm Andy Ovenden, a Level 3 qualified personal trainer. I have lived in Hove for a number of years and love being by the sea whilst only a short, hop, skip and a jump away from the beautiful South Downs. As a Hove based personal trainer, I’m passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. Throughout my adult life I have been a keen cyclist and have exercised either in a gym or in my own studio, constantly chasing that post-workout endorphin buzz! For the feel good factor there really is nothing quite like-it!

Like my 3Fs Personal Training colleague; Gav O'Brien, my passion for a career in fitness and nutrition arrived relatively late in life, after years of being overweight, brought on by an unhealthy work-life balance of a long daily commutes to and from London. Having taken a step back approaching my 50th birthday, I decided to get fit and retrain as a personal trainer.

If you are based in Brighton and Hove then you already know that we are blessed with beautiful parks and gardens. Exercising outdoors can be a great option, weather permitting! Alternatively, training in your own home can be convenient, particularly if you have a hectic schedule and/or simply do not like the impersonal nature of working out in a gym.

Andrew Ovenden - Qualifications

I studied for my Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training with YMCAfit, a leading UK personal trainer educational provider. As a Hove based personal trainer I’m now in my dream role and love the job satisfaction of helping clients transform their health through exercise and a healthy diet. I provide personalised workouts each individually designed to help you achieve your own individual goals and specific needs. You choose your preferred exercise location.

Outside of one-on-one personal training I’m involved in running Fighting Fit Forever Bootcamps and Young At Heart Keep Fit Club exercise classes at Portslade and Shoreham. I’m keen to develop my client base with older adults as this is my chosen area of specialism. I constantly strive to develop my personal training skills, and to this end I’m currently studying for a Diploma in Exercise Referrals, Diploma in Exercise for Older Adults as well as a qualification for Exercise and Disability.

As part of my duty of care and safeguarding to my clients, I am also a trained first aider, hold public liability insurance cover of £10 million, and have a current CRB check available for inspection.


How 3Fs Personal Training can help you

There are many ways as a personal trainer that I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Here’s my top three:

  1. Results! No matter what you’ve tried to date, fad diets, new gym, bought the latest fad exercise DVD, you’ve not achieved lasting results; a slimmer, fitter and healthier you. I will drill down to specifics. By listening and understanding what exactly it is you want to achieve and by when. Agreeing SMART goal or goals with you as a starting point, As your personal trainer I will develop a bespoke personal training program that will deliver quantifiable results where all previous efforts have failed. Want results? Think 3Fs Personal Training!

  1. Motivation! Does this sound familiar?
  • You go to bed brimming with best intentions and full of resolve set your alarm to get up an hour early to go running before work. Despite a good night’s sleep when the alarm goes off the next morning, you hit the snooze button three times before getting up arriving at your desk on time but without that early morning run! Forgetting the quest for a new fitter you.
  • You splash out on a new top of the range blender, stocked your fridge up with the best fruit and veg, determined that your new diet of replacing meals with smoothies will finally shift those pounds to get you beach body ready. Day 1 goes according to plan, by day 3 you’re already fed-up with Curly Kale, Ginger and Beetroot smoothies and by the weekend you quietly pack away the blender before ordering your favourite takeaway. Resigned to another summer of wearing baggy clothes.

Having agreed goals then designing you a personal training programme, I will provide all the motivation and support you need, moving you steadily forward week by week, helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. As your personal trainer I’ll be there for you on the days when for whatever reason that if left to your own devices you’d be hitting the snooze button or reaching for the takeaway menu. Need motivating? Trust 3Fs Personal Training!

  1. Convenience. In the demanding 24/7 world constantly wired to your inbox, your smartphone, your office, always on call, rarely off duty, time is a precious commodity and free time. What free time? Let me as your personal trainer, with my fully mobile personal training service come to you at home, your office or an outdoor location of your choice across Brighton and Hove. By fitting around you and your schedule, you’ll find this convenience can carve out the hour or two hours per week that you simply thought to be impossible.  Need training that fits around your busy schedule? Call 3Fs Personal Training!

Personal Training Services and Locations

The majority of my personal training clients live in Brighton and Hove and come to me because they are not happy with either their weight or fitness levels, and most with face these two challenges together. For some personal training clients, there is an event such as their wedding that they want to look and feel their best. For other personal training clients it is more a case of wanting to reverse years of sedentary living, getting their health and fitness levels reset to get the most out of daily life.

I love working with older adults and continue to develop my skills as a personal trainer for the elderly. As an over 60s personal trainer I understand the challenges that certain age-related conditions and how they impact daily living. Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease present unique challenges. The good news is that nearly all clients will benefit from personal training, which may require guidance from a GP or other qualified medical professional.

I live in Hove and my fully mobile personal training service is available to across Brighton and Hove. Beyond the city, I travel as far away as Peacehaven and in the opposite direction to Worthing, and inland to Lewes. My mobile personal training service affords the convenience of training you in your home or at your office, or outdoors come rain or shine in one of Brighton and Hove’s parks, gardens and by the beach for an exhilarating personal training workout.


Getting started with 3Fs Personal Training

Getting started with 3Fs Personal Training is as simple as 1,2,3:

1: I offer a free 60-minute health and fitness consultation as a starting point. This two-way process allows me to understand your goals and enables you to ask the important ‘How do I?’ ‘When can I?’ ‘What can I?’ and ‘Where can I?’ questions. Testing my personal training knowledge and expertise.

2: If you like what you see and hear when we first meet, then you can take advantage of my introductory offer; two 1-hour personal training sessions for just £45, at your home, office, outdoors in a park or garden, the beach or studio or hall. A simple inexpensive way to try my personal training.

3: My taster personal training sessions hit the mark and we’ve mutually decided we’re a good fit, I’ll develop your bespoke personal training programme. You simply need to decide on buying blocks of 10 or 20 1-hour personal training sessions or a 12, 18 or 24-week personal training programme.

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