My first book: How 2 Get Fit 4 Later Life!

How 2 Get Fit 4 Later Life book by Gavin O'Brien

Thanks to being on lockdown I’ve just completed writing my first book; HOW 2 GET FIT 4 LATER LIFE!, a fitness and nutrition guide for people aged 60 and above. It includes step-by-step guides on how to do over 70 exercises; warm-up, aerobic, balance, chair-based, strength, core and stretches. Central to the book is a GET FIT 4 LATER LIFE … Read More

A Brighton & Hove PT’s guide to the total bodyweight workout

Bodyweight exercises

So here we are in the midst of a pandemic, with much of the world including the UK on lockdown. It’s important to try and keep fit and active not least to help support your mental wellbeing during this unsettling time.  With all the gyms across Brighton and Hove closed because of the Covid-19 lockdown just like everywhere else in … Read More

Older adults (60plus) lockdown home workout

Lockdown workout

We’re all on lockdown here in sunny Brighton and Hove just as the rest of the UK is, and now that our usual exercise venues of gyms, community centres and or church halls are closed you can now workout at home using a few things you have in the house to replace the equipment that you’d normally use.  This lockdown … Read More

Good health and fitness is worth fighting for!

Good health and fitness

It’s unlikely that we will easily forget the effect of Covid-19 on the world’s population. On an individual level many people have lost their lives to this dreadful virus. At this time many are still fighting for their lives and this global crisis is far from over, with over one third of the world on lockdown. We are, as a … Read More

Regaining fitness after major surgery or injury

Keeping fit after surgery

I recently underwent fairly major abdominal surgery having my spleen removed at Brighton’s Royal Sussex Hospital, the kind of surgery where you get to spend several days in intensive care. Now, for a busy Brighton based personal trainer this is more than just an unwanted interruption to the job that I love to do. While the operation was a complete … Read More

Change your life joining the Wish Park in Hove Summer Bootcamp

Walk through any one of the many parks in Brighton and Hove over a weekend and you’ll spot a group of people of all ages being put through their paces doing press-ups, star jumps, lunges, burpees and sprints at an outdoor bootcamp class. Getting fighting fit in the exhilarating outdoors across Brighton and Hove is a fun and sociable way … Read More

10 Benefits of why you should hire this Brighton based personal trainer

Why hire Gav O'Brien for your personal training needs in Brighton

Before I dive headlong into why you should consider hiring me as your personal trainer in 2020 – Happy New Year!  So, it’s the start on a new decade, you survived Christmas (just!) and perhaps saw the New Year in with style with copious amounts of booze. With the decorations packed away, you’ve pondered a New Year’s Resolution to make … Read More

Give the gift of health and fitness this Christmas

Gift of health and fitness

Okay it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone. Now your nearest and dearest, kids, grand kids and close friends may already be dropping hints; a fancy watch, the latest i-phone or other gadget. Indeed you may already be window shopping. Here’s the thing, sometimes the people you love and … Read More

The benefits of doing a whole body post workout stretch routine

Stretching post workout

As a busy Brighton based personal trainer I ensure my clients many whom live across Brighton and Hove, maximise the benefits from a hard personal training session with a whole body post-workout stretch which gives further benefits of:  Reduces muscle stiffness and soreness When you workout really hard your muscles contract and relax multiple times which leaves them in a … Read More

Why pre-exercise health screening is important for older adults

Pre-exercise health screening for older adults

The benefits of exercise outweigh the risks for most people, and as an older adult personal trainer my core goal is to encourage older adults to be more active. It is extremely important that I pre-screen all new older adult clients before starting them on an exercise programme, to ensure that the exercise I prescribe accommodates and is adapted to … Read More