My first book: How 2 Get Fit 4 Later Life!

How 2 Get Fit 4 Later Life book by Gavin O'Brien

Thanks to being on lockdown I’ve just completed writing my first book; HOW 2 GET FIT 4 LATER LIFE!, a fitness and nutrition guide for people aged 60 and above. It includes step-by-step guides on how to do over 70 exercises; warm-up, aerobic, balance, chair-based, strength, core and stretches. Central to the book is a GET FIT 4 LATER LIFE … Read More

A Brighton & Hove Personal Trainer’s Top Tips to Avoid Festive Overindulgence


It’s that time of year for a busy personal trainer; Gav O’Brien who operates across Brighton and Hove to help motivate clients not to give up on their hard fought weight loss through festive overindulgence. The festive season is heralded each year by the metre high walls of Quality Street chocolates at the entrance of supermarkets, staff Christmas parties, client … Read More

A Brighton Personal Trainer’s Healthy Eating Guide

Healthy Eating

We all know that we should eat a healthy balanced diet but when you begin to read up on what this means, the sheer volume of information can seem overwhelming. For those that seek a healthier lifestyle it’s a topic that’s certainly worth exploring. Here’s the thing; basic healthy nutrition is really quite simple. In fact it’s so simple your … Read More

Simply the best weight-loss foods ever!

Weight-loss foods

Just as all people are not created equal, the same can be said of calories. Different foods travel through your body’s different metabolic pathways. And this can cause dramatic differences on how hungry you feel and the number of calories you use up. Here for your delectation are the twenty most weight-loss friendly foods that are scientifically proven to help … Read More

My top 15 go to food and drinks to boost energy levels

Foods and drinks for energy

Picture this; perhaps you had a rotten night’s sleep or you’re fast approaching that mid-afternoon slump, either way, you’re in desperate need of an energy fix. Don’t reach for your favourite sugar-laden energy drink, check out my top 15 go to healthier options that are better for you in providing that much-needed energy boost. All food, even junk food will … Read More