Change your life joining the Wish Park in Hove Summer Bootcamp

Walk through any one of the many parks in Brighton and Hove over a weekend and you’ll spot a group of people of all ages being put through their paces doing press-ups, star jumps, lunges, burpees and sprints at an outdoor bootcamp class.

Getting fighting fit in the exhilarating outdoors across Brighton and Hove is a fun and sociable way to work out, and an hour in one of the many parks or down by the beach easily beats pounding the cross-trainer at the gym.      

Bootcamp is an army-style way of training which can at first seem intimidating, but this Brighton and Hove personal trainer; Gav O’Brien recommends that you perceiver and you’ll quickly find yourself tackling each exercise like a fitness professional.

At 3Fs, we’ve already run a successful Winter Bootcamp in Hove, 22 gruelling weeks in the centrally heated comfort of St Helen’s Church Hall in Hove. But now that the evenings draw out and the weather becomes a little warmer, the great outdoors beckons! So if you’re serious about changing your life, your physique and your mood, then be prepared to train hard for 22 weeks at the new Wish Park Summer Bootcamp in sunny Hove.

If you need convincing of why this is the must attend exercise class in 2020, read on for this Brighton and Hove based Personal Trainer’s top ten Bootcamp training benefits:  

1. Get the feel-good factor big-time!

The science suggests working out in the exhilarating outdoors can help you stay the course with regular vigorous physical activity because of the feel-good factor from doing it. This is down to the oxygen boost you’ll get from the bracing fresh air as your serotonin levels get flowing around your-body. Plus, you’ll get the added bonus down to the fact that working out outdoors places an additional demand on your body. The bottom line is that you’ll need to work harder to perform the same exercises than if you performed them in the gym.  

2. Transform yourself mind, body and soul

The body is a clever piece of evolution and will quickly adapt to and recognise any regular exercise routine. In order to transform your mind, body and soul you’ll need to keep it guessing as to what’s coming next as well as continually challenging it in different ways. You’ll get this at the new Wish Park Summer Bootcamp in leafy Hove starting on the 1st of April 2020.

3. Get a full body workout

Your (reasonably Wish Park Bootcamp) friendly 3Fs Personal Trainers Gav O’Brien and Andy Ovenden will focus on drilling you in getting the basics right; lunges, press-ups, squats, burpees and battle ropes by using the correct technique for perfect form. There will be an induction session where we’ll go over the main teaching points, and should you be worried about any aspect, just ask us, we’ll give you some one-on-one tuition so that you can get the most from the full body work out!  

Bootcamp in Wish Park Hove

4. Top up your vitamin D in sunny Hove!

Starting on 1st April 2020, you’ll get to enjoy the change of seasons from Spring to Summer, getting tons of fresh air, a fair sprinkling of April showers and finally some beautiful summer sun. Getting up bright and early for the exhilarating outdoors is the perfect way to top up your vitamin D. A word of advice from your Hove based personal trainers – don’t wear your best gym kit! Part of the fun is getting a bit muddy particularly in April, dusty in the heat of August, so throw on your old gear and come and join a group of like minded souls at the Wish Park Summer Bootcamp. Hove’s new must attend exercise class.  

5. Perfect your form

Being shouted at by your 3Fs Personal Trainers; Gav O’Brien and Andy Ovenden may not sound tempting at first but you’ll soon find that as we drill in to you perfect form and that perfect form helps you quickly get results, with your muscles aching in all the right places, as well as in places you’ve never ached in before. You’ll soon find the shouting, motivating, encouraging, perfecting words from your bossy Hove based personal trainers a deal maker and not a deal breaker. We’ll inspire you to find the best version of you!

6. Meet and make new Hove based friends

Brighton and Hove on occasions can be a bit cliquey, coming along to the new Wish Park Summer Bootcamp in beautiful Hove will be a fabulous way of meeting and making new friends, prospective gym and running buddies and dare we say it, even drinking pals! Share this uniquely challenging class and make what could be life-long friendships, and possibly even a new romance!  

7. All abilities are welcome

At 3Fs Personal Training, one of Hove’s best PT providers, we encourage people of all abilities. Don’t think for one minute that you need to be lean, mean, keen fighting machine to start. Attend our Wish Park Summer Bootcamp and we’ll quickly raise your fitness and motivation levels, and you’ll soon find yourself morphing from coach potato to a 3Fs’ fighting fit hero.        

8. Honest! You really might enjoy it!

The word ‘Bootcamp’ can sound quite scary. However, your 3Fs Personal Trainer’s place a big emphasis on you having fun. Yes! That’s right! Fun! While you work out alongside other Hove based Bootcampers, whatever your doubts; you hate exercise, you lack fitness, you’ve no staying power, by the end of the challenging 1-hour Bootcamp session you’ll have conquered your doubts and in doing so, find you actually enjoyed do it!

Start the day on a high with the Wish Park Bootcamp in Hove

9. Boost your self confidence and body image

If you set your New Year’s Resolution at the start of 2020 to get fit, lose weight, tone-up and things haven’t exactly gone as planned, then take this second chance to make this year the healthy turning point in your life. After your first class you will start to the feel the benefits of accomplishment and new beginnings. Stick with it and you’ll soon see the results you’re after; dropping pounds, gaining muscle, toning up and this will all combine as the 22 week long Bootcamp progresses to boosting your self confidence and body image to new heights as your stride purposely around Brighton and Hove.  

10. Pay up-front and save £50!

Now is the time to walk the walk, lunge the lunge and squat the squat. You can if you want pay for each class as you go. Here’s the thing, if you lack motivation and happen to open the curtains and find a grey and damp April moring you may well stay in bed. Think how different your psychology would be if you’d paid up-front. If you’ve paid for it you’re 10 times more likely to show up even in an April Shower. Plus you’ll benefit from saving £50, hey that’s a good pair of trainers – handy if you don’t own a pair!  

Next steps

We expect the Wish Park Summer Bootcamp to be popular, so we recommend you register and book your place now for Hove’s new must attend exercise class:


  • STARTING 1st APRIL to 26th AUGUST 2020
    • £126 upfront for all 22 classes – save £50!
    • £8 per week pay as you go

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